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A Muse of Fyre

I like to classify myself as an executive fangirl, from the merry old land of Scot. I've been going by Fyre online since 2001, and doubt that'll change anytime soon.
I watch many a thing, and will frequently analyse anything I watch to death. Too many years of studying too many way of analysing too many things! It makes life fun :D
Aug 21 '13

So my hair is an unexpectedly darker shade. Getting my inner goth on.

  1. taciturnteacher said: Ah you look so beautiful!
  2. calonari said: you have such a beautiful face my dear <3
  3. whereismygarden said: dammit I don’t understand how everyone I follow is so pretty. Probability says only 50% of you should be…
  4. bemusedlybespectacled said: SO PRETTY
  5. amuseoffyre posted this