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A Muse of Fyre

I like to classify myself as an executive fangirl, from the merry old land of Scot. I've been going by Fyre online since 2001, and doubt that'll change anytime soon.
I watch many a thing, and will frequently analyse anything I watch to death. Too many years of studying too many way of analysing too many things! It makes life fun :D
Apr 22 '14

sarcasmandexplosions asked:

D'Artagnan, ace detective, no crime goes unsolved... unless your wife is bammin' slammin' bootylicious and then I'll leave your ass in jail. He's in good company, with Aramis, future priest (so long as his dick isn't actively in or very soon going to be in someone), Porthos, warrior peacock (i can't hate on Porthos, I tried to think of something dismissive but it was impossible and this tumblr!gem name was the best), and Athos, drunk failed murderer sloth. together they fail at fighting crime.





i want you to know that i am going to print this out and frame it and put it next to my bedside so i can gaZE AT IT BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP EACH NIGHT

warrior peacock





I’m dying

Apr 22 '14
Apr 22 '14

How you know you’re watching a Hungarian musical

  • things are on fire
  • people are covered in copious amounts of blood and/or glitter
  • or end up half-naked
  • with a higher than average ratio of homoerotic subtext
Apr 22 '14

Just found an hour long concert by my favourite Hungarian musical couple: Bereczki Zoltán & Szinetár Dóra. It just makes me sad that they have apparently split up :(

Apr 22 '14



(I once did a mental casting of Avengers/Thor for Hanagumi, for some reason. With Tomu!Thor)

Tomu!Thor would be perfect. Who would be Loki though? I love Eritan to pieces, but that’s not her role. Mirio… a stretch, very much. They’d have to borrow Chie or something.

*coughs* Kacha.

Apr 22 '14

Mercutio’s death from Romeo & Julia - the musical. It’s a Budapest Operettaszinhaz production some time recently.

I want to see this cast. This Mercutio and Tybalt cocktail are perfect. David Pirgel, I adore you, you lanky beanpole! And look at you, all growed up and crazy-eyed. I like it :D And I have never seen that Mercutio before, but I didn’t think anyone could do wild fey devilishly gleeful as well as Zoli, but this guy does it :D

Also, good lord, Hungarians. When you do bloody death scenes, you really enjoy the blood part, don’t you?

eta. wow, Tybalt. Could your “no homo” be more obvious?

Apr 22 '14

Oh there you are, angsty backstory. I knew you were coming, but I didn’t know when to expect you. Well, that certainly fills out the character of my leading lady a lot. Asztar, I think it’s safe to say that you are screwed, buddy.

Apr 22 '14

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

Apr 22 '14

Have almost completed my rewatch of Yonderland, and still can’t believe the number of rude jokes they got by the censors on a family show.

Various characters make the standard dick jokes, and the villain has a monastery torn down because a monk insults his mother and won’t give him the lotion for his STD! Family show!

Also, the number of times poor Simon ends up with his bum out is verging on ridiculous.

Though nothing makes me giggle more than the “Ahhhh. Gently!” realisation of a couple reading a book titled “The Art of Love”. Incidentally, a male/male relationship. And again, family show.

Apr 22 '14

Was going to write this evening, but brain seems have turned to mush.

So, TMI Tuesday - plz ask me stuff and distract me.

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